Our animals

Katherine Outback Experience is a fully operational farm. in addition to the tourism operation, the team breed and train horses and dogs, and have a small herd of cattle.

Farm animals

We have a number of station characters that guests can pat and feed during shows, including…

Bill the Buffalo

Albi and Bill are best buffalo buddies and quite possibly the most spoilt buffalo pair in the top end! The boys love their daily baths and a good scratch behind the ears. Albi is supposed to be Albino, he is more like a strawberry blonde due to his love of the red dirt mud wallow.

Donny the donkey

Donny the donkey came to us from a station when he was orphaned. Donny is great with kids and loves to be fed!

Bangers & Mash

Bangers, and his buddy Mash are 10 year old brahman steers and to say they are huge is an understatement. these two are strictly pets and will live out their days grazing the plains at katherine outback experience.

The amigos

The three amigos aka the goats are always getting up to mischief and are expert escapees! these guys have a very important role at katherine outback experience as they are used to train the working pups how to muster cattle for life in the real world mustering cattle on stations.

Mildred and Daisy

Mildred and Daisy are our Brahmans who came to us as poddies. They have now grown into enormous cows but still love a pat and being fed during the show.

Working dogs

Here at Katherine Outback Experience we breed, train and sell working dogs for life on cattle stations and farms throughout Australia. we pride ourselves with superior bloodlines of border collies.

Our working dog team is a vital part of our show and our family. They love their morning and evening runs as well as the attention they get from visitors to the show! The team is constantly changing as younger pups move up the ranks and older dogs move on to working life on cattle and sheep stations throughout Australia.

We often have puppies for guests to cuddle at the end of the show!

Meet the working dog team

Performance Horses

Acres of ra

‘Acres of ra’ aka ‘ra’ is our resident stallion and quite popular with the mares! he’s been very successful winning numerous ‘top cut outs’ and campdraft events and renown for being incredibly ‘cowy’ and breeding sound progeny.


Legend by name, legend by nature. legend has played a key role at katherine outback experience since its inception. Not quite making the cut as a competitive campdraft horse, legend has become our liberty trick horse from rolling out a swag to pushing a pram – there’s not much this fella can’t be taught to do! This wasn’t always the case for legend though. when tom first got him some years ago, he was deemed by his then owners as untrainable. tom worked with him for sometime, building up trust and breaking down barriers. Today he is our ‘go to’ kids horse and show horse.


Rhapsody, better known as rappa, is the first of ra’s progeny to enter the team. she’s both flashy and sassy. She is part of the liberty team and has been started in the campdraft arena.


Sasha was also sired by acres of ra and is known for her four white socks. Sasha is one of the younger horses in the core liberty team. she has a sweet nature and has been progressing quickly. It is hoped she will be started in the campdraft arena in the next year or two.

Horses for sale

We regularly have horses for sale from performance bloodlines to station horses. currently we have a number of 4-5 year olds who have been started and done a year or two in stock camps. this team has competition bloodlines however would also make great station horses. We have a number of 2-3 year old yearlings we are currently starting who will be available for purchase soon. Please contact tom to discuss further.
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