Explore the Beauty of Katherine: A Guide to Accessible Adventures

Welcome to the breathtaking destination of Katherine, located in the Northern Territory of Australia. Known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, Katherine offers a plethora of accessible tourist attractions for everyone to enjoy. In this blog post, we will shine a spotlight on accessible attractions and and provide you with essential information you need for planning a memorable visit to be enjoyed by all.

The spectacular Nitmiluk Gorge located in Katherine in the Northern Territory, Australia. Credit: Tourism NT
Looking down over Nitmiluk as a boat travels up the river.

1. Unleash the Spirit of the Outback at Katherine Outback Experience

Prepare to be captivated by the authentic outback lifestyle showcased at Katherine Outback Experience. This inclusive and accessible attraction offers an extraordinary blend of live performances, working dogs, and talented musicians, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Australian outback.

Tom Curtain with his team of Katherine Outback Experience horses. Credit Tourism NT/ Tourism Australia
Singer Songwriter Tom Curtain performing with his team of horses during a Katherine Outback Experience show

Accessibility Features

Katherine Outback Experience goes above and beyond to accommodate visitors with disabilities. The venue offers wheelchair accessibility, including step-free access to the seating area and accessible restroom facilities. There are also seating options tailored for wheelchair users, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. The team has developed an Accessibility Guide that can be downloaded from the website here.

Katherine Outback Experience Shows are wheelchair and pram friendly with the ability to easily add alternative seating options.
Katherine Outback Experience is wheelchair and pram friendly and offers flexible seating options for guest needs

Spectacular Performances

Immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of horsemanship as the team demonstrate their remarkable bond with horses. Witness the awe-inspiring skills and techniques employed in mustering cattle and witness the deep connection between man and beast.

Canine Capers

Prepare to be amazed by the intelligence and agility of working dogs as they expertly round-up livestock under the team’s expert command. Their precision and skill is a testament to the extraordinary partnership between humans and animals together with the natural herding instinct of the working dogs.

Training the working dogs at Katherine Outback Experience. Tourism NT/ Tourism Australia
Training the working dogs at Katherine Outback Experience

Musical Melodies

Tom Curtain’s award-winning music performances will transport you with his country inspired tunes. Let the melodies wash over you as you embrace stories of the outback through song.

2. Explore the Spectacular Nitmiluk National Park

No visit to Katherine is complete without exploring the natural wonders of Nitmiluk National Park, which offers accessible attractions that showcase the region’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Experience the awe-inspiring Nitmiluk Gorge on a wheelchair-accessible cruise. Marvel at the towering cliffs as you journey through this magnificent natural wonder.

Nitmiluk Tours offer accessible boat cruises
Nitmiluk Tours offer accessible boat cruises. Credit: Tourism NT/ Tourism Australia


3. Immerse Yourself in Aboriginal Culture

Katherine is deeply rooted in Aboriginal culture, offering unique opportunities to engage with and learn from the traditional custodians of the land.

Traditional Aboriginal basket weaving. Credit Tourism NT/ Tourism Australia
Traditional basket weaving. Credit Tourism Nt/ Tourism Australia

Top Didj Cultural Experience

Visit the inclusive Top Didj Cultural Experience and Art Gallery on Gorge Road to participate in interactive activities that provide insights into Aboriginal customs, art and traditions. Try your hand at spear throwing and traditional Rarrk painting and gain a deeper appreciation for Aboriginal culture. Wonder through the stunning Art Gallery and marvel at the magnificent local works of art on display and for sale from the comfort of the air-conditioned facility.

Mimi Aboriginal Art & Craft

Explore the accessible Mimi Aboriginal Art & Craft store in Katherine town, where you can browse and purchase authentic Aboriginal art, craftwork, and souvenirs. Engage with local artists and learn about the rich cultural significance behind each piece.

4. Relax at the Hot Springs

Indulge in relaxation at the tranquil Katherine Hot Springs, offering accessible amenities and a serene atmosphere for all visitors. Enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the natural thermal pools, surrounded by the beauty of the outback.

5. Explore the Extraordinary Arts Trail

The streets of Katherine provide a canvas for stunning murals of extraordinary Territorians. At your own pace, on foot or wheels, explore the streets of Katherine, including Railway Terrace and Stuart Highway. Use the Discover Katherine App on your smartphone to uncover the history and stories behind the murals. Download the Discover Katherine App from Apple here or Google Play here.

This is the most accessible trail with most of the murals within 600m within the Town Centre.

The streets of Katherine have become a gallery of murals. Credit Turism NT/ Tourism Australia
A series of street art portraits through the town of Katherine are honouring indigenous figures and telling the stories of people from Katherine and the region.

6. Accommodation and Accessibility

Katherine provides a range of accessible accommodation options, ensuring a comfortable stay for individuals with disabilities. From hotels to motels and self-contained cabins, these accommodations prioritise accessibility and convenience for all guests. We recommend contacting the Katherine Visitor Centre to discuss the best accommodation for your needs.


Katherine, Northern Territory, is a destination that warmly embraces visitors of all abilities, inviting them to explore its captivating landscapes, immerse themselves in indigenous culture, and create unforgettable memories. With a variety of accessible tourist attractions, including the renowned Katherine Outback Experience, as well as facilities that cater to individuals with disabilities, Katherine ensures that everyone can fully enjoy the wonders it has to offer. Embark on a journey of adventure and inclusivity, embracing the spirit of Katherine where accessibility and memorable experiences go hand in hand.


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