Discovery One Kimberley Cruises

Discovery One will take you on an unforgettable adventure, allowing you to explore, discover and experience the magnificent Kimberley coast in one of their affordable and best value Kimberley Cruises packages. The 25 metre catamaran has the advantage of being able to deliver up-close experiences that no larger vessel can offer. After 15 years, they have perfected the best way to observe the Kimberley’s natural beauty and to take you to places along the coast which will maximise your experience and enjoyment of this remote and pristine wilderness. in combination with their excursions, there is simply no better way to discover the magic of this region. Discovery One only travel during the day so you don’t miss a thing and our dedicated crew and captain of 13 years has a few secrets up his sleeve with itineraries adapted daily to suit tides and weather and to avoid the larger passenger vessels. Discovery One has plenty of deck space for all of our 22 passengers, including a large observation deck with 360 degree views, an eight person spa and sun-lounges. During your cruise, you’ll discover ancient rock art and geological wonders, magnificent waterfalls, stunning sunsets, picturesque rock pools, towering red gorges, serene harbours, secret beaches, diverse wildlife, history and so much more. For bookings and further information head to or call the team on 1800 996 717.
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