Media Release: Speak Up hits No. 1 on the iTunes Charts

Golden Guitar winners Tom Curtain and Sara Storer hit No. 1 with anti-bullying message

Written by Rebecca Belt, The Country Journo

THE anti-bullying message of Tom Curtain and Sara Storer’s new single, Speak Up, has hit a chord with listeners, taking it all the way to No. 1 on the iTunes Country Songs Chart.

Released on June 18, the track pushed Keith Urban from the top spot and has remained there for days as support for the fundraising single grows. It also reached No. 13 on the All Genres Songs Chart on iTunes.

Tom wrote Speak Up after Amy “Dolly” Everett took her life in January.

The singer-songwriter knew he had to do something about publicising the effects of bullying, as he knows the Everett family well and was devastated by Dolly’s death, but was overwhelmed by the support the single has received.

“Holy hat box,” Tom exclaimed when he saw the chart position.

“I am very humbled by how well it’s doing, it’s pretty special after all the hard work that’s been put into it by the students from the schools in the acting and singing, the parents and teachers and all the musicians who donated their time. It’s a cause well worth backing and it should be out in front of the public eye.”

The two-time Golden Guitar winner said he was “grateful and humbled” that the song has made such an impact on people across Australia.

“We’re now getting a lot of bus drivers, parents, and school teachers who are telling me they’re playing it on the way to school, playing at assemblies, during their lunch breaks in the playground and I’m flying to Broome this week and I’ve got parents who’ve asked if their children can sing the song with me,” he said.

Tom will hit the road with his music later this year and will be visiting schools along the way, and hopes that school students will be able to sing Speak Up back to him when he drops in, to further promote the anti-bullying message of the song.

Everyone involved with the track has donated their time with all proceeds from the sale of the single going to Dolly’s Dream to raise awareness of bullying and to stop another family suffering this tragedy.

Tom is available to chat about the single and his anti-bullying message.

Media contact: Rebecca Belt, The Country Journo
[email protected] | 0427 232591

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