All ‘Katherines’ living in Katherine, NT unite!

Channel Ten's The Living Room
Channel Ten’s The Living Room

Channel Ten’s  ‘The Living Room‘ has recruited the expertise of the Katherine Outback Experience team to assist them with tracking down as many ‘Katherines’ as possible who currently live in Katherine, NT who would love to be involved in their cooking and travel segment to be filmed in Nitmiluk National Park on Saturday 20th May with Miguel and Dr. Chris Brown.

Please contact Joe Lurie directly via Facebook or email [email protected] if your name is Katherine, Katharine, Katheryn, Katheryne, Katherynn, Kathrin, Cathryn, Cathrin, Catherine, Catherne, Catherin or any other variable of Katherine, and you currently reside in the wonderful town of Katherine, NT!

The Living Room is Ten’s weekly lifestyle show with Amanda Keller, Dr Chris Brown, Barry DuBois & Miguel Maestre that airs at 7.30 on Friday nights. The show delves into a range of lifestyle issues including renovations, travel (and pet advice), and cooking, and also includes special guests and engaging studio banter each episode.

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