Meet the Farm Animals

Katherine Outback Experience is a fully operational farm. In addition to the tourism operation, the team breed and train horses and dogs, and have a small herd of cattle. They also have a number of station characters that guests can pat and feed during shows including (but not limited to):

Bernie the Buffalo

Bernie and Bill the resident Buffalos
Bernie and Bill the resident Buffalos

Bernie and bill are best buffalo buddies and quite possibly the most spoilt buffalo pair in the Top End! The boys love their daily baths and a good scratch behind the ears. Bernie, the sneaky little fellow is smarter than he looks and has worked out how to use his horns to manoeuvre through the fence to graze among the mango trees next door!

Tin Shaker

Tin Shaker the Brahman Steer

Tin Shaker the Brahman Steer came to Katherine Outback Experience as an orphan calf where he was bucket reared and has since grown into a big healthy steer. We have learnt he is not overly fond of being ridden like a horse… Although we hope to convince him otherwise!

Daphne the Donkey

Daphne the Donkey with her BFF Buttercup the calf

Daphne the Donkey came to us as a baby after she was caught on a local cattle station. Her best buddy is Buttercup and she is now a fixture in the show.

Bangers & Mash

Bangers with Annabel & Tom

Bangers, and his buddy Mash are 10 year old brahman steers and to say they are huge is an understatement. These two are strictly pets and will live out their days grazing the plains at Katherine Outback Experience.

The Amigos

Two of the three goats

The Three Amigos aka the goats are always getting up to mischief and are expert escapees! These guys have a very important role at Katherine Outback Experience as they are used to train the working pups how to muster cattle for life in the real world mustering cattle on stations.


Buttercup and Daisy

Buttercup and Daisy are our resident poddy calves and love the pats and cuddles they receive during the show. 

Come And Meet the Farm Animals